Find Out How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

If you want to avoid the unpleasant situation when you want to listen to your favorite song only to find that there is no internet connection and YouTube is not accessible, we have the best solution for you. Saving YouTube videos is on your iPhone or iPad is the best way to make sure all your favorite videos and songs are available anytime you need them.

It’s natural to ask yourself how to download YouTube video on iPhone is this is the first time you hear about this technique. The thing is you have nothing to worry about since there are several methods available out there. Checking the App Store for some third-party solutions is one way to go, however, this solution usually do not last long online.

This is why we prepared this tutorial for you in a slightly different manner, presenting a great file-management app that also covers all your YouTube downloading needs, YouTubNow.


How to Download a YoutTube Video on iPhone

Step 1 - Open the App Store and Get Documents by Readdle

On your iPhone, open the App store and search for “Readdle”. Readdle is a free app that provides file management and will allow you to download YouTube on iPhone.

After you install the app, open Documents Readdle and look for an icon that looks like a compass, or the Safari icon if you may. Tap the icon to open a web browser where you should search for YouTubNow. In the search results generated, tap on the YouTubNow link.

Step 2 - Open YouTube

In order to download videos from YouTube on iPhone, you will first need to get the URL of the video you want to get. If you have the YouTube app installed on your iPhone, you can open it and get the link that way. Open the video you want to download then tap on it to view the controls and tap on the ‘Share’ icon. Click on Copy link option and your URL will be copied to the clipboard.

Step 3 - Paste the YouTube URL

With the URL copied to the clipboard, you can return to Readdle and tap on the white search box to open it. By tapping once more, you will see the option to Paste content. Paste the YouTube URL in the Readdle app.

Step 4 - Download YouTube Video on iPhone to Watch Offline

After you inserted the URL in the app, tap Search to get a complete list of resolutions to choose the one you need. Then tap on the Download button next to the resolution you want and another tap on done will start the download process. Naturally, it would be best if you download over a Wi-Fi network to save mobile data.

Step 5 - Download Other Videos You Like

After the download is finished, you can access the video in the Downloads section of Readdle. You can save the video on the iPad or iPhone’s Photos app and access it offline. Repeat the same process to download more content.

Standalone App - An Alternative Method to Download YouTube Video on iPhone

If the above-mentioned process seems to complicated for you with all that copy and paste and switching between apps, there is another way to make downloading YouTube content a lot easier. You can use the Softorino YouTube Converter to get all the videos you want for $19.99.

Step 1 - Connect Your iPad or iPhone to a Mac

Plug your device into your Mac and make sure the connection is established. You can even share the Wi-Fi network if needed.

Step 2 - Copy the YouTube Link

All you have to do is copy the YouTube URL and the Softorino YouTube Converter 2 takes care of everything. You also have the option to look for the video you want using the built-in browser and add the video to the download queue.

Step 3 - Download

After choosing the destination folder, file format and preferred quality, all you need to is click on “Convert to iPhone”. The download starts instantly and you can play it via your TV app or any other media playback app.

How to Download a YouTube Video on iPhone using Airy Downloader

Another great way to download videos from YouTube on iPhone is through the Airy downloader. Users should be aware that this won’t send the file directly on your iPhone, however, that can be easily achieved through iTunes or any other file transfer app.

Once you install Airy on your Mac, go to YouTube and copy the URL of the video you want to download and convert. Paste the link in an empty Airy window to get access to the download options. You can choose different resolutions up to 4K, however, since no iPhone has a 4K display yet, you are safer in the 720 / 1080p area. After you chose the resolution, go ahead and download the YouTube video.

How to Connect Your iPhone

If you are not completely sure on how to connect your iPhone through iTunes to do the file transfer, we have described the steps below.

  • Use the dock connector of your iPhone to connect it with your computer through USB;
  • Open iTunes;
  • Check for the iPhone icon in the upper-left side of iTunes.

Now, that the iPhone is connected to iTunes you can start the actual file transfer:

  1. Open the Music menu in iTunes.
  2. Make sure to check the Sync Music box on screen.
  3. If you want to transfer all your music, click on the radio button close to Entire music option.
  4. For transferring only certain files, select the ones you want to transfer and then click on the Selected playlists, albums, artists and genres.
  5. By clicking on Apply, your sync process begins and all the selected music of videos will be uploaded on your iPhone.
  6. Wait until the entire process is finished and then disconnect your phone.

Why Not Simply Use YouTube Red?

While YouTube Red does allow offline playing of content, currently it is limited to the US. Even though some other countries have been granted access to download videos from YouTube on iPhone or any other device through this service, there is no comprehensive list of countries that can use the service. If you don’t want to lose time making sure you are part of a country where YouTube Red allows downloads, simply go for the options presented above and you will gain fast access to any YouTube video or audio track.

Find Out How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

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