Best YouTube Video Downloaders 2019: Windows, Mac & Online Solutions

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There’s more streaming content available online than ever before. However, while it’s great being able to take your pick of the latest films, TV and music, streaming services do have their limitations. That’s why YouTube video downloader services have exploded in popularity. There’s a huge selection out there, covering a wide range of different requirements. That’s why we’re going to check out some of the best ones, so that you can pick the best YouTube video downloader for your needs. Read on to find out what you can expect from a wide range of the best YouTube video downloaders.

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Convert Streaming Content to MP3 via YouTube Video Downloader Online


In our opinion YouTubNow is pretty much the best YouTube video downloader on offer. It’s fast, easy to use, versatile, and all completely free. All you need to do is head to the site, and copy and paste the URL of the video you want to view. From there, just hit the button, and it’ll quickly convert your video into a downloadable file. You can take your pick from a number of different formats, as well as specifying which resolution you want. Both MP3 and MP4 are on offer, and you can use their integrated search option to check for your preferred video. A great thing about this free YouTube video downloader is the fact that you don’t need to download an app or register. Simply go straight to the page in order to start making use of the service. In our opinion, there’s no shortage of convenient features that make this the best YouTube video downloader.
YouTube MP3 Downloader for Android users

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The best online YouTube downloader 2018



YtMP3 is an effective, if slightly basic, choice for anyone looking for a YouTube video downloader. This free YouTube video downloader requires you to paste a URL, and you’ll then be able to download your file. It’s perfectly adequate for what it does, but in reality, this lacks many of the features that define the best YouTube video downloaders. For instance, it provide no options for either format type or resolution level. Actually, these things are on offer, but they require that you make use of a separate file converter once you’ve already downloaded your content. So why waste your time going through the process twice? The best YouTube video downloader choice is one that can simply download whatever file type you want without extra activity. So if you’re looking for versatility, this isn’t a great choice. is a pretty straightforward option for anyone looking for a YouTube video downloader online. As with most similar services, all you need to do is copy and paste the URL of your chosen video into the text box. The site will the convert the video into a downloadable file. The site offers a fairly wide range of different choice when it comes to file type, which could be handy depending on what kinds of devices or storage you plan to use with your files. This online YouTube video downloader is pretty easy to use, and features a couple of brief tutorial pages in case you have any issues. While it can definitely deliver the basics, this online YouTube video downloader doesn’t offer a whole lot beyond that. Worthwhile if you aren’t looking for much, but if not, there are better options. is a pretty good choice if you’re looking for the best YouTube video downloader. It’s pretty quick, and straightforward. It also supports a few other formats beyond MP3, meaning that you can specify the ideal format depending on what device you use. It also has a strange option for Tampermonkey User script, if you happen to use this browser. However, while it’s a good online YouTube video downloader for anyone looking for fairly straightforward options (or Tampermonkey compatibility) it has little else to set it out from the crowd. One good thing about this service is that it’s available in a range of different languages. If you’re not a native speaker and looking for the best YouTube video downloaders, this could be enough to make a difference to you.

YouTube Video Downloader for Windows Options is a fairly versatile YouTube video downloader for Windows that has a fair amount of options on offer. It’s clear from their site that they are primarily working as a free YouTube video downloader, and they have a number of statistics about the prevalence of YouTube as the major online streaming site. Their program is fairly user friendly, with regular updates to ensure that the entire process is as simple as possible. While they’ve clearly put a lot of time into their site, it is somewhat difficult to get a detailed rundown of all the possibilities with this YouTube video downloader. That said, it’s clear that they’re a pretty good option for anyone wanting to grab music or video with a convenient YouTube video downloader for Windows.



Freemake has been around for a while, with their site stating that they’ve been going for eight years. In this time, this company has clearly expanded and refined their service. They boast over five hundred different video formats, making them a great option for anyone who plans on playing or storing their content on a range of different devices. They are definitely somewhat more focused on video editing than many of the best YouTube video downloaders. That means that, while they’re probably great for more complex jobs, if you’re simply looking for the system for grabbing files, you may end up with more than you need. Though if you’re looking for a versatile tool, they could have a lot to offer.

Any video converter

Any video converter is a YouTube video downloader free download program that allows you to get hold of streaming content, and quite a lot more. It boasts a pretty wide range of different inputs and outputs, making it more of an all purpose converter than a dedicated YouTube video downloader. As with many similar programs, there’s a selection of other features on offer, including video editing and ripping from DVDs and CDs. That makes it handy if you’re looking for the best program for carrying out a wide range of tasks, and they definitely boast some pretty impressive specs. But if you simply want the convenient option for grabbing content from streaming sites, there may be a bit too much here for you. That said, a wide choice of different formats, and a fairly easy interface, makes this a pretty good option.

YouTube Video Downloader for Mac Options

Airy Youtube Downloader


Airy is a pretty good YouTube video downloader for Mac, though it does have its limitations. As is so often the case with apps designed for Mac, it offers the basics without providing anything especially interesting. Once you’ve installed the YouTube video downloader free download, you’ll be able to use a fairly user friendly interface to grab whatever streaming content you want. The app offers little more beyond this service, and while it does what it does perfectly well, there’s not a huge amount to set it apart from the other options.It’s also only compatible with YouTube, rather than any other streaming services. And while the offer of a free service is great, the fact that there’s a Buy It Now option suggests that for the full experience, you’re going to have to part with some cash. Not the best option on offer.


WebVideoHunter is another basic but effective YouTube video downloader for Mac. Providing a number of different features, it’s a convenient way of moving content from streaming sites, especially as it professes to download the content fifteen times quicker than the actual streaming time. It also offers both search and download by URL options, providing users with everything they need to hunt down their chosen content. It’s obvious that this is exclusively a YouTube video downloader for Mac, given that it features a number of other tools designed to synchronise with iTunes. For instance, it can automatically put together albums and playlists of your downloaded content, and save them directly to your iTunes account. Beyond that, there’s not a whole lot on offer. But if you’re simply looking for the ideal service to move content straight to your iTunes account, this is a pretty great option.



Apowersoft is a pretty comprehensive YouTube video downloader that offers all the features you need to make the most of your content. Once downloaded, you can sort through any files you have with a convenient interface that makes everything pretty easy to work with. There’s even an option to play files within the interface, which is something you don’t get with every converter service. This YouTube video downloader for Mac allows you to grab entire playlists and channels, and download in bulk, shortening the time you need to wait for your content to arrive. All in all, a very convenient and versatile content downloader, with no hidden fees and plenty of different formats to choose from.

YouTube Video Downloaders Browser Add-ons: Chrome, Firefox & Safari



Kwizzu is an extremely versatile online YouTube video downloader, perfect for anyone who finds themselves working on a range of different browsers and operating systems. This free YouTube video downloader is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and a few others. It’s rare that you find a content downloader that can run on this many different systems. As far as the program itself, it really doesn’t offer a whole lot that you can’t already find from other of the top services. For instance, it’s only compatible with YouTube, unlike many other services which allow you to get content from a range of streaming sites. That said, it does let you choose format and quality, which is always handy.


Downloadhelper is a standard browser extension that functions as a YouTube video downloader. You simply install it and it runs in your browser, letting you grab content when you feel like it. Unlike the above YouTube video downloader, it’s only compatible with Firefox and Chrome, which is a shame. While these are certainly the most popular browsers on offer, there are still enough people using Internet Explorer and Safari that the lack of choice is something of a shame. The site itself is also fairly stark, betraying the fact that this option doesn’t actually have a whole lot of features. It’s fine if you just want the absolute bare basics, but if you’re looking for something a bit more versatile, you’re probably going to have to check out some other possible sites.



Addoncrop is, on the face of it, a pretty impressive free YouTube video downloader. The site has no end of information about the service, and it certainly has plenty to offer. Like all the best options we saw, there’s a pretty good array of formats to download your files in, meaning that you can make the most of your content no matter what device you plan on using it with. However, the fact remains that this online YouTube video downloader is just that: a tool for grabbing content from YouTube. While the interface is impressive, with more information and options than many other options we saw, it hasn’t got any compatibility with other streaming sites. That means that you’re going to be somewhat limited if you expect to end up looking for more marginalised content from other platforms.


Addons.opera offers a YouTube video downloader tailor-made for the Opera browser. This is probably the least used of most of the mainstream browsers, and as a result, any users looking for a converter that can be run as add-ons will probably have been disappointed so far. Fortunately, this free YouTube video downloader should provide you with pretty much everything you need to start grabbing streaming content. It’s fairly straightforward, offering a user-friendly interface that allows you to grab what you need, and impressively fast download speeds. It also offers a wide range of different formats. Unfortunately, it seems to be exclusively compatible with YouTube, meaning that if you’re looking for a service that can be used on other sites, you may be disappointed. However, given the limited availability of services for Opera, you may have few other options.

Flash video downloader

Flash video downloader

Flash video downloader is a basic but effective YouTube video downloader free download that allows you to install an add-on in your Firefox browser. Firefox is one of the most popular browsers around, so it’s unsurprising that there’s plenty of demand for a free YouTube video downloader tailored to the program. This plugin has enough to keep most users satisfied. It could do with a few more downloadable formats, offering only MP3, MP4 and AVI. That said, for many people, that may be enough. Thankfully, it allows you to download from a pretty decent selection of sites, including most of the biggest streaming content providers. It also lets you download flash games, which is definitely not something we’ve come to expect from most of the competition. If you’re looking for a good service for your Firefox browser, this is definitely not a bad option.


Yourvideofile is a pretty well balanced free YouTube video downloader with a small range of available features. It promises compatibility with a wide range of operating services and browsers, though they haven’t actually gone to the trouble of naming exactly which ones are possible. You can get your files in a wide range of formats, which is something we’re always glad to see. They also promise fairly high speeds, enough to plough through plenty of content in the minimum amount of time. However, as with many other services, it lacks much compatibility with sites other than YouTube. As a result, you may struggle getting content from sites such as Vimeo, which the better options could handle with no difficulty.

Parameters for Deciding the Best YouTube Video Downloader

We put a fair amount of thought into deciding on the best YouTube video downloader. There are plenty of different parameters to consider, given how many different programs are on the market, and the different requirements of internet users. The following are some of the key parameters we take into account when looking at the latest services:

  • Choice of Format and Video Quality: whether or not you can choose from a range of different options for file type and resolution/quality.
  • Music Extraction: whether you can remove audio files from online content.
  • Pause/Resume Downloads: option to stop and start downloads after they’ve been commenced.
  • Bulk Downloading: whether you can run multiple downloads at the same time.
  • Channel and Playlist Downloads: option to download entire playlists and channels from a streaming site.
  • User-friendly Interface: how easy a program is to use.
  • Browser Integration Support: how compatible a program is with major internet browsers.


There are a few tough contenders for best YouTube video downloader. However, at the end of the day, we have to say that our personal pick is YouTubNow. This great website is versatile, easy to make use of, and promises no shortage of updates in the near future. It also offers exceptionally good speeds, and takes moments to get to grips with. If you’re looking for the ideal service, we can strongly recommend it.

Best YouTube Video Downloaders 2018: Windows, Mac & Online Solutions

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