What Are the Best YouTube Downloaders for 2019?

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If you’re looking for a free YouTube downloader, there’s no shortage of options to pick from. But with so many YouTube downloaders on offer, it’s not easy to work out the ideal one for your needs. That’s why we’re going to give you a complete rundown of the best YouTube downloaders available today. Covering online services, third party apps and browser extensions, our complete guide has everything you need to pick the best YouTube downloader for your requirements.

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Use a YouTube Downloader Online to Directly Convert Videos to MP3

For our money, if you’re looking for a quick and convenient YouTube to MP3 converter, YouTubNow is one of the most impressive options around for converting online videos to downloadable files. The first thing you need to know is that this free YouTube downloader is exactly that: free. There are no ads, and not even any signup requirements, simply head over to their site and start downloading. There’s no limit to how much you can download, unlike many of the other YouTube downloaders on offer. Users can take their pick from a number of different file formats, such as MP3, MP4 and 3GP. You can also choose from a range of different resolution options. When it comes to using YouTubNow, things couldn’t be easier; you simply copy and paste your video URL onto the site, and you’re ready to go. Our personal pick for the best YouTube downloader, YouTubNow is compatible with all the most popular browsers, across a number of different platforms.

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The best online YouTube downloader 2018


Flvto is a straightforward choice for anyone looking for a YouTube downloader online. There’s a number of different options that allow you to customise your downloads, letting you get the most out of your files. You can choose from a number of standard file formats, covering MP3, MP4 and AVI, as well as HD options. It lacks a choice for resolution, which is a shame. This YouTube downloader is easy to use, you simply need to copy and paste a video URL, and select which format you want your files in. The site also offers a downloadable app that allows you to streamline the downloading process. One particularly handy feature of Flvto is the fact that you can grab videos from a range of different sources, such as Vimeo and Instagram. Read also about best YouTube downloaders for Mac



3. YTMP3 seems to have been around for a while, and is possibly one of a number of YouTube downloaders that has been repackaged for a new market. The site is pretty straightforward, with a simple copy and paste system that allows you to download video content. Unfortunately, compared to some of the best YouTube downloaders, YTMP3 only has options for MP3 and MP4, and omits some of the file options that other services offer. A quick Google search for the site also reveals some concerns with viruses being transmitted through it. In light of this, the option to download to a Dropbox could be less safe than you’d like. This free YouTube downloader is also not the best when it comes to MP4: only 360p video is on offer, which is considerably lower quality than what you can find from competing YouTube downloaders. There are also a few misleading links on the site, claiming to lead to downloads, but actually opening up adverts on the site.


YtbMP3 is a basic but effective way of transferring streaming files to a downloadable format. Unfortunately, this YouTube downloader only allows for MP3 downloads, which means that you’ve got some limitations. Many other YouTube downloaders allows for a variety of files, and with only MP3, you won’t be able to download videos. The site is straightforward, again using a cut and paste URL system. You’re probably going to want an adblocker if you’re using this site, as they have a number of intrusive adverts that make it somewhat annoying to use. Downloads are fast, but the lack of options means that this probably isn’t one of the best YouTube downloaders available on the market.



MP3Converter is a handy site that does nothing any other best YouTube downloader offers, but is efficient enough. The site is fairly user friendly, and includes a wide range of different language options, which is something most other YouTube downloaders don’t offer. You’ve got the option of either MP3 or MP4, which is handy. There are plenty of FAQs and information on the site to make it easy to understand, and the usual cut and paste function is easy to make use of. Unfortunately, the site features a number of intrusive popup adverts, which means you may want to ensure you have an adblocker if you use it. There’s not much to make this stand out as a YouTube downloader, but it’s functional enough and fine for getting the basics done.

YouTube Downloaders Accessed via Standalone Apps


DVDVideoSoft is a collection of 25 audio and video converters, contained in a single bundle. Users looking for a YouTube downloader online with multiple different functions can find a lot to make use of here. However, while the versatility of the package is appreciated, anyone looking for a simple YouTube downloader may find the selection of different programs somewhat confusing. Many of them have more to do with video editing software than they do with converting to downloadable files. However, all round, it’s a useful suite of programs. Files are supported in MP3, MP4, WAV, FLAC and OGG, meaning that you’ll have a wide range of different options to pick from. As with many other best YouTube downloaders, you can line up multiple different downloads, including playlists and batch downloading. Playlists can also automatically be transferred to iTunes, making this an ideal choice for Mac users. It’s also clear that the company behind this app keep it regularly updated, so you’re unlikely to have many issues running it.

Airy Youtube Downloader


Airy Youtube Downloader is an easily downloadable YouTube downloader with a fair amount to offer users. The app is available for both Windows and Mac, but sadly not on offer for Linux users. Created solely as a YouTube downloader, it lacks any kind of functionality on other streaming video sites, which is a shame. However, when it comes to picking a YouTube downloader for PC, this one has a fair amount on offer. You can download entire playlists and batches of videos, meaning that you can quickly amass a collection of downloaded files. Downloads can be paused and resumed at will, and the app is easy to make use of. However, the fact that it is only compatible with a single site means that users looking for the best YouTube downloader available may want to find an app with more options. The lack of Linux compatibility will also be an issue for some.


FreeMake has been around for about 8 years, and picked up a fairly big following in this time. When it comes to app-based YouTube downloaders, it’s one of the industry leaders, and certainly has quite a lot to recommend it. You can convert to MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV and DVD, and the program is compatible with both Android and iOS. This flexibility means that it’s a great tool for converting videos, but may contain more options than many users are looking for. The program is free to use and offers no limitations, and is also pretty user friendly. The one minor irritation is that, upon downloading it, you will have to wait three days for a web pack to arrive. This is needed to unlock some of the offered features, and is a minor irritation, but not enough to be a serious drawback to this free YouTube downloader.

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter offers an impressive suite of free programs that can unlock a lot more than many other of the best YouTube downloaders. The program is ideal for ripping videos straight from YouTube, and also offers access to a number of other top streaming sites, meaning that you can take your pick of content from across the web. This free YouTube downloader is clearly aimed at people looking to do more than simply grab content. As a result, you may find that it has many programs which are unnecessary for you, such as filters. However, while there may be a lot included in the bundle, the actual conversion software is up to purpose. If you’re simply looking for an easy way to convert music from streaming sites, this may offer more than you need. But with a wide range of formats on offer, there’s still a lot to be enjoyed here.


ATube is the ideal YouTube downloader for anyone looking for a wide degree of versatility. The app offers a range of different formats that goes further than what most of the competition offers. You can also take your pick of files from a wide range of different streaming sources, allowing for a bigger variety of content. Another handy feature included is the option to record video and audio directly from your computer. While not necessary for getting the most out of your downloaded content, this could certainly prove useful for some people. The one thing you may have to look out for is the installation. Like so many other YouTube downloaders, ATube is prone to trying to install its own browser toolbar. You don’t stand to gain much from this, so it’s best to make sure you keep that tick box empty.

The Best YouTube Downloaders with Browser Add-Ons

YouTube Downloaders for Chrome



SaveFrom is a handy addon that functions as a YouTube downloader for Chrome. It can be easily installed to your browser, and provides a selection of straightforward functions for ripping content from a range of streaming sites. The program has obviously been designed with the Russian market in mind, as it is compatible with a number of Russian streaming sites. However, it also works with YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. It’s easy to use, and though it may not be the best YouTube downloader around, it’s still got enough basic functions for casual use.


Addoncrop is another straightforward YouTube downloader for Chrome, offering a number of different options. It supports a pretty wide selection of file types, including MP4, FLV, WEBM and 3GP. Unlike many other of the more basic YouTube downloaders on offer, this one also lets you pick your preferred resolution, which is a useful addition. One thing we should point out is that this program only supports up to twenty minutes of content by default. If you’re planning on downloading longer files or entire albums, you’re going to want to ensure you’ve made the necessary changes in the addon extension.



If you have a very sound understanding of coding and programming, you may want to investigate GitHub. iIf not, then this is definitely not the best YouTube downloader for you. While it may offer a huge range of different functions, this is very much a tool for programmers, rather than just a YouTube downloader for Chrome. You have extensive control over what you do, but it is extremely technical, and not at all user friendly unless you have extensive familiarity with the platform. For our money, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

YouTube Downloaders for Firefox

Mozilla Flash Video Downloader

he Mozilla Flash Video Downloader is a straightforward free YouTube downloader addon that offers plenty of functionality and options. The program is made by Firefox, so you are guaranteed regular updates and zero compatibility problems. It works as a Flash downloader, so you can harvest content from a wide range of different sources. One thing we do have to point out is the fact that is not compatible on any sites with copyright protection, such as Vevo. As a result, you may find that you are slightly limited in the content you can access.

Firefox Video Download Helper

Firefox Video Download Helper

Another fairly standard browser addon, the Firefox Video Download Helper is a free YouTube downloader that allows you to rip content from YouTube and a number of other streaming sites. It’s built by Firefox, meaning that you can rely on regular updates and a thorough support system. It supports a number of different kinds of streaming such as HTTP and MP2T, which sets it out from the competition. Conversion and aggregation are also handy features. If you’re looking for a basic but versatile YouTube downloader with plenty of options, this could be a good option for you.

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader

The YouTube Video and Audio Downloader is a free YouTube downloader addon that can be easily installed. It offers a number of different options for downloading, but we have to point out that the program is from Russia, so much of the text for it is in Russian. As a result, unless you’re from that part of the world, you will probably have some amount of difficulty with installation and support. Given that this program offers little that other YouTube downloaders don’t already provide, you’re probably better off finding an alternative.

YouTube Downloaders for Safari



While DownloadHelper offers a certain amount of benefits to anyone looking for a YouTube downloader, it does have its fair share of drawbacks. Most notably, unless you’re willing to pay for a fully licensed version, you’re going to have to put up with watermarks imposed over any content you download. Add to that a certain amount of somewhat aggressive, unnecessary marketing of paid addons, and it’s clear that this isn’t the best YouTube downloader available. The program functions just fine, and has plenty of different options. But given that there are loads of other YouTube downloaders available for free, you’re better off checking out other options.


YourVideoFile is a basic but effective way for you to get streaming content in downloadable form. This YouTube downloader offers plenty of variety in terms of format, allowing you to choose from a number of different resolutions. There’s no requirement for additional software, or use of third party sites. However, while it has plenty of convenient options, it lacks anything to set it apart from the competition. As a handy YouTube downloader, it’s a good option, but there are plenty of better ones out there.



Kwizzu is one of the most versatile YouTube downloader options for Mac and Safari users. It is compatible with Safari, as well as several different versions of Opera. As a result, it could be one of the best YouTube downloaders for Mac users. However, it’s worth noting that it only works with YouTube, which could restrict your access to a wider collection of content. It’s also fairly basic compared to some of the other options available. A good choice if you’re exclusively a Mac user, especially for older systems, but otherwise nothing special.

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