The Top Android YouTube Video Downloaders of 2019

There’s a huge range of streaming content out there, just waiting for you. But without the best YouTube downloaders for Android, you’ve got no way of saving music and video, to enjoy whenever you like. We’re going to look at the best YouTube video downloader Android options currently on the market. Read on to find out the number one YouTube downloader for Android today.

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The Best YouTube Downloader for Android with an Online Service

1. Having checked the best YouTube downloaders for Android, we have to say that our personal favourite is YouTubNow. This program gave us just about everything we were looking for from a reliable YouTube video downloader for Android. Everything is laid out in an easy to understand, user-friendly interface that took us moments to get to grips with. They tell you exactly how to download YouTube videos on Android, with a straightforward cut and paste system letting you put a URL in to go straight to your videos. Or you can simply use their search function and put in a title or relevant search terms. Once you’ve done this, you simply take your pick from a number of different formats, and download the file straight to your device. Speeds are impressively high, and you can also choose the resolution you want to download. All in all, this free Android YouTube downloader offers a wide array of options, all in one easy to use package that will bring you your content in seconds.


2. Flvto offers a fair amount of different ways to get hold of content. This free Android YouTube downloader provides a pretty straightforward service, working with the standard cut and paste function that makes it pretty easy to grab music and video. You can select from a number of different formats, making it convenient to download your files to a number of different devices and storage. It may not be the best YouTube downloader for Android, lacking any particularly impressive options, but it should still be enough for most users. There’s also a small support section if you need to work out how to download YouTube videos on Android, as well as specific information on each of the possible formats you can make use of. You can use this YouTube video downloader for Android on a number of different streaming sites, making it fairly useful if you want to access files from somewhere other than youtube. All in all, a pretty good program, though not one that shines in any particular area.


3. YTmp3 is a basic but fairly effective free Android YouTube downloader with a few decent features on offer. While not exactly blowing us away, or putting itself among the best YouTube downloaders for Android, it still has a few things worth mentioning. It makes use of the standard cut and paste system for putting in a URL of a YouTube video that you want to download. The main issue with this option when you download YouTube videos for Android, is that there’s no choice over format. While many of the other options we’ve seen provide users with a selection of choices, this option for grabbing content is really limited. It makes a big difference, when it comes to storing your files on various devices, or viewing them. As a result, we’re somewhat disappointed in the lack of choice.


4. YtbMp3 is a pretty straightforward YouTube video downloader Android users can make use of, though it does have a few interesting features. While clearly not being an editing suite, it does give users the option to change tempo of their files, and also normalise loudness and trim videos. It’s interesting to see a program like this one offering these options. And while they may have their uses, most people looking for the best YouTube downloaders for Android generally want something a bit more straightforward. We appreciate the extra features, but once you know it all works properly, it’s unlikely that you’re going to need any of these tools. On the other hand, if it sounds like it’s your thing, why not check it out.


5. Mp3Converter is a simple but fairly effective service. It isn’t exactly overflowing with features. A number of different formats are on offer, and their site provides a straightforward explanation of how it works. However, this service is fairly low on anything to set it apart from any of the best YouTube downloaders for Android. It does have a wide range of different language options, which is definitely helpful if English isn’t your preferred language choice. However, while it uses a convenient URL copy and paste function, it lacks any kind of embedded search function. It’s something that we’ve effectively come to expect from most services, and given how easy it is to implement, it’s surprising that it’s not on offer here. Not a bad site, but not an amazing one either.


YouTube Video Downloader Android Standalone App Services

1. Vidmate-apk is a more unusual choice in the world of free Android YouTube downloader services. As a YouTube video downloader for Android, it functions in a pretty straightforward way. You download it to your device, either PC or mobile. Then, you can easily download video content straight to storage, at impressively high speeds. One thing we have to say for this app is that it’s up there with the top options available online in terms of speed, and it took moments to get what we wanted. The other interesting feature they’ve included that sets them out from the rest of the crowd is the fact that you can view a number of live channels directly through the app. They understand that this is very much something that makes them stand out, and they’re not shy of mentioning it. If live channels are something you’d like, you may as well check them out.


2. seems like a more recent attempt at providing users with a handy tool for content. The site is very slick, and they clearly know what they’re doing. They boast that users will have access to content from a huge range of streaming sites, which is good to know. However, while they certainly have a lot to offer, it’s doubtful whether their speeds can really contend with some of the other free Android YouTube downloader services. Searching for content is pretty straightforward, and the general interface is about as user friendly as you could wish for. All in all, it’s a pretty decent choice if you’re looking to take content straight from a streaming source, especially if you want a fairly wide range of sources.

3. is, in all honesty, one of the less impressive looking YouTube video downloader for Android services we’ve seen. While it’s definitely got everything you need to work out how to make use of great content, the general layout of the site, and the difficulty in grabbing any specific details from them, makes it unlikely that this is going to be among the ideal options on the market. On the other hand, they have clearly set themselves up as an exclusively mobile-based YouTube video downloader Android service. This means that, unlike many other choices, they will have put all their time into ensuring that they’re completely easy to use on mobile. If you’re simply looking for the ideal tool for smartphones, they may be worth a look in.

4. Tubex is a fairly average choice in the world of YouTube video downloader Android services. Their main selling point is the tiny amount of space their app takes up, which is a fair point. At 0.5 MGB, it certainly won’t take up any extra space on your phone. And they also have a fair amount of possible format options, covering all the standard choices we’ve seen in the many of the other options. However, if you’re not pressed for size, you’re probably better off checking out a different free Android YouTube downloader. There are plenty of options out there that have an extensive range of different options, and far more features than are available here.


5. Wontube is another fairly low key way to get hold of streaming content that phones can handle. It offers few extra features, simply a straightforward way of ripping content directly to your device. A few different format types can be chosen, and the interface is pretty easy to use. Beyond that, however, there are few other things to really talk about here. It’s an OK choice, but the best YouTube downloaders for Android can offer so much more. You’re probably better looking at a different service if you want to make the most of the possibilities.


How We Chose our Best YouTube Downloaders for Android

We’ve taken into account a number of different features when rating the best YouTube downloaders for Android. As you can see, there are plenty of different services on offer, some with more features than other. The following parameters have been taken into account by us:

  • Format and Video Quality Options: the choice of changing the download format and resolution.
  • Music Extraction: ability to rip audio tracks from videos.
  • Pause and Resume: ability to pause and resume ongoing downloads.
  • Bulk Downloading: option of running multiple downloads simultaneously.
  • Channels and Playlists: option to rip entire channels and playlists.
  • User-friendly Interface: how simple the program is to use.
  • Browser Integration Support: how easily it can be incorporated into your browser.


It’s been hard to choose from among the top options, given the huge number of options out there. However, we have to say, YouTubNow stands out as one of the simplest and best all round options out there. It’s extremely fast, simple to use, and gives you your files in whatever quality you want them. If you’re looking for the best YouTube downloader for Android, in our opinion, that’s the one.

The Top Android YouTube Video Downloaders of 2018

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